Machine Learning and AI will form the backbone of society in the 21st century.

GRAI LABS, a Cape Town-based company, with its team of PhDs and MBAs, provides cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence services to industry.

Services We Offer

Bespoke Algorithm Development

GRAI LABS solutions include product recommendation engines, deep dives to understand data, custom built learning systems, predictive modelling and automated alerts in all arenas.

Strategic Consulting

With decades of international experience GRAI LABS provides high-level strategic consulting, aiding companies to plan effectively for the rapidly changing landscape of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on society and their industry in particular.


GRAI LABS offers advanced training in data science, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence both in South Africa and internationally.


What I enjoyed the most about the training was the team work and collaboration, learning of data science through hands on experience, faster comprehension of data science problem solving techniques, fun working environment and it instilled an interest in people to consider data science as a career."

The "swimming in the deep end" methodology started off as uncomfortable, but turned out to be what I liked the most about that week.

The training forstered a keen interest in data-science for everyone involved. This will grow the data science team's exposure within the bank.

“If CIOs invested in machine learning three years ago, they would have wasted their money. But if they wait another three years, they will never catch up”
Dan Olley, CTO of Elsevier.